Take Action for Arizona Education!

IMPORTANT ACTION ITEM for Saturday-Monday (multiple contacts needed so it will take a little more time from you than some actions):

The Arizona Legislature convenes on Monday. NOW is the time to hold their feet to the fire on education funding.  Write and then call the Senate and House leadership and your senator and representatives. Tell them you expect increased funding for K-12 education in Arizona as promised when they forced Prop 123 down our throats!

Here is a link to the list of Senate leaders

Here is a link to the list of House leaders 

Flagstaff’s Senator is Sylvia Allen: (602) 926-5409
Flagstaff’s Representatives are: Brenda Barton (602) 926-4129 and Bob Thorpe (602) 926-5219

Here is a link to look up your legislators if you are in another district

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