Take Action for Healthy Elections!


Telephone or email our state legislators to reconvene and protect voters and election workers:

Support SB1077, “Countywide Elections; Vote by Mail.”  This bill, introduced by Senator Sean Bowie, has not yet been heard in committee, but could be revived. It would allow counties to conduct a mail ballot election for any election, provided that 60% of the county voters are PEVL voters and the county board of supervisors approves the mail ballot election.

Request the Legislature to pass legislation authorizing proponents of citizen initiatives and referendums to obtain petition signatures online, just as candidates are allowed, for purposes of getting their initiatives and referendums on the ballot. Without the ability to obtain signatures online, proponents of the  “Outlaw Dirty Money” and “Fair Elections” ballot initiatives do not stand much of a chance of meeting their filing deadline. The Fair Elections initiative would allow voters to register as late as Election Day, automatically register people to vote when they apply for a driver’s license, and allow more time for early voting.


Telephone or email Representative Tom O’Halleran and Senators Sinema and McSally:

To support the request by numerous public interest groups (organized as the Declaration for American Democracy coalition) that Congress add $3.6 billion in the next phase of the coronavirus relief package to help states prepare for the 2020 election, including establishing and expanding online voter registration systems, increasing capacity to allow for voting by mail, maintaining safe and sanitized polling places, and educating the public about the new election practices. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi together with over 50 state Democratic Party leaders support this proposal.

Contact info for our representatives is here.

Online petitions available for signature: 

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU): Congress – Expand Voting Access During COVID-19

Brennan Center: Protect the 2020 Election from COVID-19


Declaration for American Democracy: Coalition of 150 civil rights, good government, environmental, labor, women’s rights, and faith-based organizations seeking $4 billion in funding to ensure a healthy, secure election. 

Stanford-MIT Project on a Healthy Election and MIT Election Lab: Best Practices to ensure that the 2020 election proceeds with integrity, safety, and equal access. 

The Lawfare Institute and Brookings Institute: “Ten Recommendations to Ensure a Healthy and Trustworthy 2020 Election,” by Nathaniel Persily and Charles Stewart III (Mar. 19, 2020).

The Leadership Conference on Civil & Human Rights: Letter to Congress Urging Additional Funding for Election Assistance in Response to COVID-19. 

Vote at Home: Information and tools for advocating for healthy, secure elections. 

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