Trump shows he’s a liar, loser and a coward

  • Oct 13, 2019 Updated Oct 18, 2019

So Trump, in his “unmatched wisdom” will obliterate Turkey’s economy if Turkey does anything he considers off limits. Unmatched wisdom? Is Trump trying to be sarcastic? Or is he just full of it?

No wait, Trump is bragging about himself — again!

Who brags about themselves? I don’t, do you? Achievers don’t need to brag about themselves, only losers do that. And that’s exactly what Trump is — a loser. If he really had unmatched wisdom, he would not have betrayed our Kurdish allies in Syria. What Trump did not only shows his utter lack of wisdom, it shows that he is a coward.

And that Trump surrounds his bragging with a childish threat and lies makes it worse. It makes Trump a liar, a loser and a coward.

Not to mention that Trump’s threat is about as empty as it gets. Note that Trump does not specify what he would consider off limits — possibly nothing. Trump merely tried to impress his supporters — with hollow words — as the strong and powerful leader he is not.

Yes, Trump looks down at his supporters as “impressionable flunkies — to be taken advantage of.”

How, you Trump supporters out there, could you have elected a man with this kind of arrogant demeanor as our President? How could you?



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