We Need Better Education Leadership

We’re frankly embarrassed. Our State Senator is Republican Sylvia Allen. She’s head of the Senate Education Committee. We need to change that. We can by electing a Democratic in November 2020. Currently, there is one Democrat running for the seat — Felicia French.

Why are we writing this now? Because we’re enraged by another piece of evidence that Sylvia Allen has to go. The bad news today:

Arizona ranks as the fifth-worst state in the nation for the percentage of seniors living in rural areas who graduate high school in four years. The average four-year high school graduation rate nationally for rural districts is 88.7%. In Arizona, the rate is 81.8%.


Nearly 20% of our high school seniors are going into the modern world without the most basic credential for success: A high school diploma.

That’s wrong. And, it’s got to change.

Of course, getting rid of Republican Education Chair Sylvia Allen is only part of the answer. New laws require support of both the Senate and the House. That’s why we need to elect Coral Evans to the Arizona House as well as Felicia French to the Senate.

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