Why I’m a Democrat

Adapted from a report by our County Party’s Chair’s report to County Committee on March 12.

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But being a Democratic and voting for Democratic candidates isn’t so much about issues as it is about an attitude toward government. When you are talking to voters, try to convey to them why you are a Democrat, even if you disagree with other Democrats sometimes.

Democrats believe that government exists to make the lives of ordinary people better. Democrats look for pragmatic solutions to the problems Americans face.

For example, some Democrats may think Medicare for All is the solution and others may think fixing drug prices is enough for now. But we all agree that giving every American access to healthcare is the job of our government.  When the Republican Party controlled Congress, they tried to get government out of healthcare by repealing the Affordable Care Act, and were only prevented from doing so by John McCain’s thumbs down.

Democrats believe that no child should be hungry in America – even if their parents are irresponsible. Democrats believe that it’s the government’s job to prevent hunger in America. The Republican Party doesn’t believe that and prevented the extension of the Child Tax Credit, throwing 3.2 million American children into poverty in January alone.

Democrats believe that every adult American citizen should have the right to vote, with very few exceptions and those exceptions should be temporary and conditional. Republican politicians want to make it difficult for people to vote because if people can vote they reject the Republican Party’s policies.

Democrats believe that an educated population is good for America. Republican politicians want to keep Americans dumb and afraid.

The Republican Party has given up on the ideal of working toward a more perfect union because the powerful corporate and wealthy interests that control their party are too selfish for that. Democrats believe that Americans working together — white, black, brown, Native Americans, and AAPI — can build a better country for us all.

It is a great effort to try to get the government to work for ordinary people. Democrats are still willing to undertake that effort.

After the U.S. Army liberated Rome in June 1944, Franklin Roosevelt told the American people, “No great effort is 100% perfect, but the batting average [of democracy] is very, very high.” That’s why I’m a Democrat and that’s why I’m going to keep working. I hope each of you will join me.


For further thoughts along these lines, we recommend reading  Democrats 101: A Primer for Us by J.M. Purvis — a tiny book published last October that packs a punch.

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