Thorpe Is Wrong for District 4

Bob Thorpe has spent the last 8 years in the Arizona House of Representatives opposing what the majority of his Flagstaff constituents want — good education for their children, affordable and accessible healthcare, and local solutions to local problems. Now that the law prevents him from running for a 5th term, and his party rejected […]

Urgent Action Alert: Bob Thorpe Dirty Trick

Bob Thorpe is sneaking his voter suppression bill — aimed at college students but also applying to snowbirds or folks who go north in the summer and military personnel – into the House Technology Committee for a vote tomorrow morning. He couldn’t get it through a committee that has jurisdiction over the subject matter, so […]

Allen and Thorpe Get Orders from ALEC

LD-6 Senate Candidates Sylvia Allen (R) and Bob Thorpe (R) went to Texas last week to get their marching orders from ALEC. LD-6 Senator Sylvia Allen (R) and LD-6 Representative Bob Thorpe (R) went on what was likely an all-expense-paid trip to Austin, Texas for the ALEC conference at the luxury J.W. Marriott hotel, according […]

Thorpe’s weak response to short-term rentals

On Wednesday (July 24), I attended a Sedona city hall meeting where Rep. Bob Thorpe (R-Flagstaff) answered questions from residents who feel devastated by the impacts of short-term house rentals. These rentals include everything from owner-occupants renting rooms to corporations that are buying up houses and building 6,000-foot “mini-hotels.” Most of those in the room […]

Bob Thorpe needs to go

Once again we read in the Daily Sun where Representative Bob Thorpe, R-Flagstaff, is busy at work trying to protect his own interest to the detriment of the citizens he was elected to represent. Last legislative session we witnessed his attempt to prevent students from voting in the district where they spend the majority of […]