Action Alert – Riot Bill Unconstitutional

SB 1142 has cleared the Arizona Senate and been sent to the House. This bill would make anyone involved with a peaceful demonstration subject to prosecution under anti-racketeering laws. It clearly violates the First Amendment.

Contact our House of Representative members and Governor Ducey. Tell them this is a WASTE OF TAX DOLLARS because it will ultimately be declared unconstitutional after the state spends tens of thousands of dollars in court on fruitless defense costs.

Gov. Ducey:
Phone: 602.542.4331
Contact form:

Our state representatives are Brenda Barton and Bob Thorpe.

Rep. Barton’s phone is (602) 926-4129 and her email is

Bob Thorpe’s phone is (602) 926-5219 and his email is

Here’s the Arizona Republic’s coverage of the story.  Here’s the Arizona Daily Sun story.  Here’s the official tracking page on the Legislature’s website.



Protest works! This bill has been withdrawn.

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