Action Alert: This Week in the Arizona Legislature

Use Request to Speak to make your voice heard on the following bills that are up for hearing in the Legislature this week. And/or, call or email your legislators.

Use RTS to speak against HB2474 – This bill would expand the empowerment scholarship accounts.  It is a continuing effort by the Legislature to go around the proposition 305 that was defeated in 2018. 

            Use RTS to support HB2187 – This bill will be in the House Education committee on Monday.  It would begin to address the one billion in cuts to education since 2008.  By 2020 the bill would fund $630 million into the correct fiscal year for schools instead of delaying it one year.

            Use RTS to oppose both SB1143 and HB2522 – these bills would lower income taxes in Arizona by as much as $230 million by adjusting tax schedules that are being modified to comply with the new Federal tax laws.  We need this money to go to the general fund to support many programs in Arizona.

            Use RTS to support SB1088 – this bill would provide comprehensive dental care through Medicaid to pregnant women 21 years of age and older.

            Use RTS to support SB1097 – this bill provides chiropractic coverage under Medicaid.

            Use RTS to oppose SB1027 – This bill would expand the tax credit eligibility to organizations that serve adults suffering from chronic illness or disability.  (This is an example of using tax credits to reduce the general fund and provide a message that it is private citizens who need to support those with chronic illness and not the government’s role.)

            Use RTS to oppose SCM1001 – This is a motion that Arizona send a letter to Congress urging them to build the wall!

            Use RTS to oppose HB2266 – this would make it more difficult for prisoners to enter transition programs.

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