Arizona Legislative Alert – Jan. 30th, 2022

Here is the contact information for our Legislators:


LD 6 – Wendy Rogers 602-926-3042

LD 7 – Theresa Hatathlie 602-926-5160

President Karen Fann 602-926-5874

Majority Ldr Rick Gray 602-926-5413


LD 6 – Walt Blackman 602-926-3043

LD 6 – Brenda Barton 602-926-3421

LD 7 – Jasmine Blackwater-Nygren 602-926-3069

LD 7 – Myron Tsosie 602-926-3157

Speaker Russell Bowers 602-926-3128

Majority Ldr Ben Toma 602-926-3298




(He hates to get Tweets it seems!!)

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HB 2033 – Walt Blackman – SUPPORT – USE RTS – Would ban juvenile courts from billing kids or their parents for detention, foster care, treatment and education program, or health care while in detention.  

SB 1041 – Wendy Rogers – OPPOSE – USE RTS – Would appropriate $3.6 million to the existing hyperbaric oxygen therapy fund for military veterans.  Sounds good BUT its just another way to use public money to fund fraudulent COVID treatments.

SB 1125 – Wendy Rogers – OPPOSE – USE RTS – Would ban registration and buyback laws, ban taxes on firearms and gun equipment, and preemptively ban any bans of assault rifles, ammunition and bump stocks.  This has frightening implications and would create giant loopholes for firearm safety.


SB 1048 – Warren Petersen (R-12) – OPPOSE – Would ban all levels of government from ordering the closing of businesses during a state of emergency!

SB 1258 – JD Mesnard (R-17) – OPPOSE – An attack on associations that support legislation that the majority of the Republican legislators do not like.

SCR 1025 – Vince Leach (R-11) – OPPOSE – Would require ballot measures to collect signatures a set percentage of voters from each of the state’s 30 legislative districts.  

HB 2107 – Leo Biasiucci (R-5) – OPPOSE – Would repeal the ability of the governor to declare an emergency and to close a business.

HCR 2005 – David Cook (R-8) – OPPOSE – Would call for a constitutional convention to adopt term limits – this is just a ploy to call a constitutional convention to totally rewrite our US Constitution!!

SB 1009 – Michelle Ugenti-Rita (R-23) – OPPOSE – USE RTS – Would limit the Governor’s ability to declare a state of emergency to 120 days.  After that both chambers of the legislature would need to reauthorize it.  Clearly aimed at preventing appropriate responses to key emergencies, such as COVID.

HB 2099 – Regina Cobb (R-5) – OPPOSE – USE RTS  – Would restrict the League of Cities and Towns from charging small towns more for their memberships than large cities, as measured on a per capital population.  This is part of an attack on membership organizations which often have the power to derail harmful legislation.


SB 1094 – JD Mesnard (R-17) – OPPOSE – Would require petition circulators to read aloud the descriptions of initiatives and referendum petitions – clearly an effort to make citizen initiatives harder to execute.

SCR 1005 – Kelly Townsend (R-16) – OPPOSE – USE RTS  – Would ask voters to amend the Arizona Constitution to ban “federal-only voters” from receiving a ballot – in all likelihood violating federal law!

SB 1120 – Sonny Borelli (R-5) – OPPOSE – USE RTS – Would require state ballot paper to include a hologram.  Recommended by Cyber Ninjas – more support for QAnon conspiracy theories.

HB 2236 – Jake Hoffman (R-12) – OPPOSE – Would ban Arizona from registering anyone to vote who doesn’t affirmatively request it.

HB 2241 – Jake Hoffman (R-12) – OPPOSE – Would require people to present ID when dropping off their early ballots.

HB 2493 – Jake Hoffman (R-12) – OPPOSE – Would set up an “election integrity fund” to pay for hand tabulations of election results – an attempt to move away from machine counting of ballots.

SB 1008 – Michelle Ugenti-Rita (R-23) – OPPOSE – USE RTS  – Would require automatic ballot recounts when election results are within 0.05% – current requirement is when the count is within 0.1% or 200 votes, whichever is less.  If we had this requirement in 2020 we would have had to recount all 3.3 million votes cast!!

SB 1012 – Kelly Townsend (R-16) – OPPOSE – USE RTS  – Would force the Secretary of State to hand over the statewide voter registration database to a third party chosen by the Legislature, for the purpose of investigating whether voter registration practices comply with federal laws on federal-only voting.  Maybe Cyber Ninja’s!!??

SB 1119 – Sonny Borelli (R-5) – OPPOSE – USE RTS – Would require copies of digital ballot images to be publicly available online in an unalterable format that’s searchable by precinct.  Recommended by Cyber Ninja’s – clearly not a practical effort nor is it conducive to privacy concerns.

HB 2237 – Jake Hoffman (R-12) – OPPOSE – USE RTS – Would outlaw same-day voter registration!!!  This is the OPPOSITE of what Arizona should be doing!!

HB 2238 – Jake Hoffman (R-12) – OPPOSE – USE RTS – Would ban ballot drop boxes!!  These boxes are accessible, convenient, reliable and secure – hugely popular option for voters!!



The Arizona Legislature needs to override the constitutional aggregate expenditure limit by March 1, 2022, or school districts across Arizona will need to cut a total of nearly $1.2 billion (16%) from their budgets this year. These cuts would be devastating for our students and would impact extracurriculars, specialized programs like Advanced Placement/International Baccalaureate, and staffing shortages and pay.

AEA members and educators – Senator Christine Marsh and Representative Jennifer Pawlik – have introduced legislation to authorize the override for this year (SCR1022 / HCR2012) and repeal the limit (SCR1023).  

SB 1189 – Sean Bowie (D-18) – SUPPORT – Would fund an effort to reduce the student-to-counselor ratio from 924 – 1 down to 550 – 1!  The recommended ratio is 250 – 1.

SB 1211 – Nancy Barto (R-15) – OPPOSE – Would require teachers to post a list of EVERY SINGLE item teachers use or discuss with students!!

SB 1049 – Kelly Townsend (R-16) – OPPOSE – USE RTS  – Would make violations of the “parent’s bill of rights” a class 2 misdemeanor and gives any parent to right to sue district or charter schools, to be represented by the state, for an up to $5,000 civil fine per violation.  

HB 2277 – John Filmore (R-16) – OPPOSE – Would require school boards to obtain county school superintendent AND anyone who owns a substantial portion of the school district property approval to change school district boundaries as they can do on their own today.

HB 2279 – John Filmore (R-16) – OPPOSE – Would allow county board of supervisors to dissolve school districts with less than 150 students causing many rural students to be bused a considerable distance.

HCR 2001 – Steve Kaiser (R-15) – OPPOSE – Would amend the state constitution to include the bill to halt the teaching of critical race theory or other racial discrimination information in our public schools.

HB 2161 – Steve Kaiser (R-15) – OPPOSE – USE RTS  – Would require publicly funded schools to give parents access to all their records, including shot records and psychological files.  This bill makes no allowance for restraining orders or legal lack of custody.  

HB 2177 – Michelle Udal (R-25) – SUPPORT – USE RTS  – A modest set of common-sense safety revisions for charter schools.  Arizona charter schools have seen the most lax oversight in the nation!!  This is a small step toward accountability.

HB 2284 – John Fillmore (R-16) – OPPOSE – Would require teachers to hold back a student who does not meet course or competency requirements.  This presumes that parents and teachers cannot be trusted to determine what is best on a case-by-case basis.

HB 2495 – Jake Hoffman (R-12) – OPPOSE – USE RTS  – Would ban public schools from referring to or using any sexually explicit text, audio or video.  Schools would be unable to teach everything from Shakespeare and John Steinbeck to the Tudor monarch and 1960’s history!!

SB 1326 – Shope (R-8) – OPPOSE – Would allow public high school students to earn credit for private sports, clubs and lessons – pushes kids toward the private sector.

SB 1300 – TJ Shope (R-8) – SUPPORT – Expands AZ Dept of Education’s existing tribal college dual enrollment program to cover books and materials.


SB 1272 – Tyler Pace (R-25) – SUPPORT – Would use federal matching funds to extend for one year postpartum care to low-income women.

SB 1242 – Tyler Pace (R-25) – SUPPORT – Would require nursing homes to fingerprint managers and ensure they are free of felony convictions involving violence or fraud.


SB 1020 – Rick Gray (R-21) – SUPPORT – Would require lawmakers to determine if a tax credit would increase beyond projections in the future.  Too often these tax credits increase dramatically beyond their original intent – significantly reducing the general fund.


SB 1494 – JD Mesnard (R-17) – OPPOSE – Would ban the state from with holding unemployment insurance from someone who was fired because they refused to get vaccinated against COVID.

SB 1252 – David Gowan (R-14) – OPPOSE – Would make it easier to justify the use of deadly force as a private citizen.

HB 2198 – Steve Kaiser (R-15) – OPPOSE – Mandates any employee who is fired for refusing to be vaccinated against COVID would get one year’s salary or reinstatement – retro active to November 2021.

HB 2166 – Steve Kaiser (R-15) – OPPOSE – Would exempt guns and firearm equipment from sales tax since such items are “necessities”!

HB 2316 – John Kavanagh (R-23) – OPPOSE – USE RTS – Would allow people with concealed weapon permits to bring guns into libraries, community centers, public pools, state museums, the DMV, government offices, block parties, marches and street fairs – even if asked to turn over their firearms for storage!

HB 2414 – Jacqueline Parker (R-16) – OPPOSE – Would allow parents to bypass gun-free zones at schools and have loaded weapons in their vehicles while dropping off kids.

HB 2453 – Neal Carter (R-8) – OPPOSE – Would ban all government buildings from requiring people to wear face masks.

HB 2498 – Jake Hoffman (R-12) – OPPOSE – Would ban state and local governments from requiring anyone to be vaccinated for COVID.

HB 2507 – Ben Toma (R-22) – OPPOSE – Would ban governments from restricting religious organizations from meeting in-person – even during periods of emergency like COVID.

HB 2119 – Steve Kaiser (R-15) – OPPOSE – USE RTS  – Would ease the automatic restoration of firearm possession rights after people get out of prison.  We should not be putting guns back in the hands of people who have committed serious crimes without any kind of review.

HB 2043 – Quang Nguyen (R-1) – OPPOSE – USE RTS – Would force any employer who denies an employee a religious covid-19 vaccine exemption to be liable to $500,000 or more in damages and legal fees ‘that result from a significant injury caused by receiving the covid-19 vaccination”.  

HB 2081 – John Kavanagh (R-23) – OPPOSE – USE RTS  – Would make it unlawful for someone to film police from up to 15 feet away while officers are engaged in “law enforcement activity.” This is a clear violation of the First Amendment!

SB 1125 – OPPOSE – Would prohibit regulation of guns if you have a permit including prohibiting bans on pump actions, prohibiting businesses from keeping guns out of such as gyms, grocery stores, etc.


SB 1164 – Nancy Barto (R-15) – OPPOSE – Would ban abortions after 15 weeks!!


HB 2317 – John Kavanagh (R-23) – OPPOSE – Would use state funds to build a physical wall as a barrier to immigration.

HR 2004 – OPPOSE – Asks the Federal Government to send funds to finish building the border wall.


HB 2294 – John Fillmore (R-16) – OPPOSE – Would require state documents to identify people as either male or female.

SB 1165 – Nancy Barto (R-15) – OPPOSE – USE RTS – A reprise of the 2020 and 2021 bills to bar transgender girls from women’s sports at public and private schools, community colleges and state universities.  Discriminatory bills like this are not just morally wrong they are bad for business – a ban would stop Arizona from hosting NCAA events!!


HB 2309 – Jennifer Jermaine (D-18) – SUPPORT – Would lead to notifying a minor in custody of their rights and notifying the minor’s parents of the minor’s rights.

HB 2413 – Jacqueline Parker (R-16) – OPPOSE – Would allow a juror to be removed based on unsubstantiated allegations of bias or prejudice.

HB 2595 – Jacqueline Parker (R-16) – OPPOSE – Would allow the removal of a judge based on unsubstantiated allegations of bias or prejudice.

HB 2119 – SUPPORT – Would provide automatic restoration of voting and other rights upon release from incarceration.

SB 1215 – SUPPORT – Would provide for a study committee on the issue of missing indigenous women.


SB 1018 – Sean Bowie (D-18) – SUPPORT – USE RTS – Would allow one person per household to take a state tax credit of 5% of their earned income tax credit retroactive to TY 2021.  Creates a tax credit for low income Arizona families.


HB 2536 – OPPOSE – Requires future candidates for the Arizona Corporation Commission to hold degrees in one of just five specific fields (Business Admin, Accounting, Finance or Economics, Administrative Law, Professional Engineering).HCR 2024 – OPPOSE – This is a resolution opposing the Biden Administration 30 X 30 initiative – targeting the conservation of 30% of the US land area by 2030.  The resolution falsely claims it would remove public lands from productive, economically beneficial or recreational use – which it does not.

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