Just Say “No” to Lori Matthews for City Council

There is a saying, “tell me who your friends are, and I will tell you what you are.”  City Council Candidate Lori Matthews’ financial disclosure tells us who she is.

Lori Matthews just broke fundraising records for City Council candidates thanks to two couples who don’t live here, each of whom donated the maximum allowed amount of $12,900. (Source: City of Flagstaff website.) Tathill and Roberta Hillman reside in Aspen, Colorado. Don and Debra Luke reside in Phoenix. But it gets worse.

Arizona Secretary of State reporting shows that the Hillmans donated the maximum allowable to State Representative Mark Finchem, who stormed the Capitol with other insurrectionists on Jan 6, 2021, and to Senator Wendy Rogers, who touts her membership in the Oath Keepers, whose leaders are under indictment for their involvement in the January 6 attack. Wendy Rogers has tweeted photos of herself hiking with Matthews and said she is “so proud of her good friend” Lori Matthews.

The Colorado Hillmans have given $4.5 million to radical federal candidates over the last five years, including to Donald Trump, Kelli Ward, Debbie Lesko, Rand Paul, and Ron DeSantis, and to dark money PACs like the Club for Growth. (Source: Federal Elections Commission). Ward is under investigation by the Justice Department and January 6 Committee because she signed forged Certificates of Electors awarding Arizona’s electoral votes to Trump.

The Lukes support similar politicians, including Trump, Rogers, and Anthony Kern. Kern is a former Arizona legislator who sued Vice-President Mike Pence to stop the Electoral Vote count and then supported the insurrection. Kern is another signer of the Arizona fake electoral vote certification.

Democracy is not something that happens only in D.C. Indeed, the people’s participation in government may be most important at the local level. That’s why Republican extremists are targeting our school boards and local governments. The intentionally non-partisan nature of these races gives their infiltration efforts an advantage, for without party labels to identify candidates, many voters don’t know much about who they are voting for.

Investigate before you sign nominating petitions. Matthews’ financial records tell her story.

Final thought: If she’s anything like her “good friend” Wendy Rogers, Matthews will take this post as a badge of honor since it comes from the Democratic Party. What’s written above are facts, judge for yourself.

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