Creeping Authoritarianism Can Be Stopped — if people vote

The Trump Administration is quickly moving to consolidate power without regard to the rule of law. This is why Jeff Sessions remains as Attorney General in spite of the misstep of recusing himself from the Mueller Investigation.

Thursday night, in the face of objections by three career Justice Department attorneys, the Justice Department filed a brief in a Texas case conceding that the Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional. The attorneys withdrew from the case in recognition of their ethical and legal obligation to defend the laws of the United States.

Friday night, in another Texas case, the Justice Department concurred with the plaintiffs that DACA is illegal. This in the face of numerous court decisions saying it is not and the failure of the Trump Administration to even attempt to follow proper administrative law procedures to reverse the policy.

Monday, Sessions changed the rules for granting asylum to women fleeing violence in Central America.

Last week, we learned the Justice Department earlier had seized an NYTimes reporter’s phone records and emails, signaling a change in department policy regarding respecting the independence and 1st Amendment rights of the 4th Estate.

Congress can stop this. #MidtermsMatter


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