Giant Wet Kiss to Wall Street

      • While the media were falling all over Jeff Flake for his harsh words toward Trump, Senate Republicans voted to reverse a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau rule that would have made it harder for large financial institutions to block class-action lawsuits from Americans who use credit cards, auto loans, student loans, and more.
      • Flake and McCain, of course, voted with Wall Street and against the Republicans.
      • The GOP is trying to give big banks a free pass to prey on hard-working Americans. Republicans are gutting consumer protections and loosening Wall Street regulations to make it easier for giant financial institutions like Equifax and Wells Fargo to get away with ripping off their customers.
      • The Swamp that Trump once promised to drain seems to be more deep and stagnant than ever. Trump, Pence, and their Republican cohorts have once again sided with Wall Street over the American people.
      • While Republicans reward shady behavior and allow big banks to take advantage of hardworking Americans, Democrats will continue fighting to protect consumers from the greed and recklessness of these big corporations.


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