Moving America Forward

This election offers a choice. Democrats are fighting to repair a decade of damage and
grow an economy based on hard work and responsibility. Their “Made in America”
economic plan creates jobs here at home by investing in America’s small businesses,
America’s clean-energy industry, and America’s middle class.

Republicans have tried to block progress at every turn and take us back to the same
failed Bush economic policies that caused the crisis, created record deficits, and led to
the loss of 8 million jobs. Republicans want to lavish tax breaks on special interests and
give them free rein to write their own rules at our expense.

• Tax cuts for the middle class and small businesses.
• Fighting to help small-business owners create half a million jobs.
• Working to create 700,000 clean-energy jobs that can’t be outsourced and holding BP and big oil accountable.
• Fighting to protect and preserve Social Security and Medicare.
• Fought to protect consumers and end the reckless gambling on Wall Street that cost one in 10 Americans their jobs.
• Ending abusive insurance company practices and closing the prescription drug donut hole to protect seniors’ incomes.
• Making college affordable and accessible to all.

• Protecting tax breaks for CEOs who ship American jobs overseas.
• More Bush tax cuts for the rich and big corporations.
• Fighting to kill half a million small-business jobs and send more jobs overseas.
• Fighting to kill 700,000 clean-energy jobs and let BP off the hook, sticking taxpayers with the tab.
• Fighting to privatize Social Security and end Medicare as we know it.
• Fought to allow Wall Street to continue gambling with our homes, jobs, and economic security.
• Fighting to protect insurance company profits and keep seniors’ prescription drug prices high.
• Preparing to return to the “exact same agenda” as pursued by President Bush.


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