Pelosi Visits Arizona – Delivers Message on Taxes and Deficit

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi visited Arizona this week to deliver this message:

The GOP plan couldn’t be clearer:

  1. Explode the deficit by passing a Tax Scam that puts the wealthiest first
  2. Pretend to panic about the massive deficit fueled by the Tax Scam
  3. Use deficit caused by tax scam to take from Medicare, Medicaid, SocialSecurity, etc.
  4. Democrats are fighting this plan every step of the way.

“The national budget is a statement of our national values, of what’s important to us as a nation, makes us strong and builds the future,” Pelosi said. “They said we’re going to have cut Medicare and Medicare because we’ve now increased the deficit, the national debt. So, is that a statement of values for us as a country?”

It’s a statement of values that we as Democrats reject.


U.S. News: Pelosi Visits Phoenix

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