Vote for candidates who support workers

Wages have stagnated since 1977 because the ability of workers to organize and bargain collectively has been significantly curtailed. Sunday’s article (Millennials have it tougher, Daily Sun, C1, 8/26/18) that describes how people born between 1980 and 2000 are struggling financially with lower take home pay to purchase items that are more expensive today.

Corporations have benefited tremendously from the anti-worker sentiment and recent corporate tax cuts while the average citizen who lives pay check to pay check struggles to make ends meet.

College costs have more than doubled. Personally, I paid $6000 for tuition, room and board my freshman year and $11,000 my senior year. I graduated in 1985 from college. Today, the annual cost of the college I attended is $73,000.00. Outrageous. Only 39 percent of 30 year olds own homes today as they are strapped with higher housing costs and lower wages, according to the article. Median debt has risen to $33,000 for this age group.

This fall, if you are employed and get paid a salary every two weeks, it would benefit you to ask a simple question of the candidates running for public office. Did you support the recent tax cuts for corporations that has done next to nothing for the worker, but allowed corporations to profit handsomely? Do you support workers rights and unions? Do you support “right to work” laws that really prevent employees from organizing and drive wages down?

This election, on November 6, 2018, vote in your own best interest for candidates who support workers, not candidates who say they support workers but really are in the back pocket of corporations.


Source: Vote for candidates who support workers – Arizona Daily Sun 8/31/2018

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