Vote for French’s commitment to education

Thank you, Karyn, for this letter — and vote for Tyler, too! There are two House seats in LD-6 and we need to flip them both!

As the #RedforEd movement has made abundantly clear, Arizona ranks in the very bottom tier when it comes to school funding. #RedforEd’s massive influence has dramatically focused public attention on the shameful state of education in Arizona.

What can Arizonans do to improve education for our children? The answer is quite simple. Vote for a governor and state legislators who will support educational funding. Retired Army Col. Felicia French, Arizona House candidate for this district, is someone who knows the importance of a good education. After joining the Army at 17, Felicia received a nursing degree and training as a MedEvac helicopter pilot. When she retired from the Army after 32 years of service, she attended Arizona State University to earn yet another degree—a master’s in sustainable solutions. She then went on to teach classes in sustainability at Mesa Community College.

Felicia’s commitment to education is also evident in her campaign platform ( Her solutions to Arizona’s abysmal educational system include the following: encourage the best educators to stay in Arizona by offering competitive wages; reduce class sizes; fund full-day kindergarten and pre-school; offer more certified vocational training in high schools and community colleges for those wanting to learn a trade; and reduce college tuition to make higher education possible for everyone. Felicia also opposes Prop. 305 (which would funnel public money into private schools).

#RedforEd took a huge first step this spring in raising awareness. The next step is electing public servants who will vote to fund education.


Source: Vote for French’s commitment to education – Arizona Daily Sun 9/2/2018

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