Vote No on Proposition 305

Proposition 305 is a bit confusing so let me try to break it down for you.

1. Basically there are a number of school tax credits and there are also Empowerment Scholarship Accounts (ESAs). Both of these, in essence, funnel tax dollars to private schools. Prop 305 is about ESAs.

2. ESA’s started in 2011 and currently help about 5000 special kids in AZ based on eligibility requirements; disability, children of active military and more.

3. This year the Arizona Legislature passed and Governor Ducey signed SB 1431 which would expand ESA’s over several years so that ALL students in AZ could apply on a first come, first served basis. Most if not all of the money that would leave public education, and would end up at private schools or home schooling. The special kids would have no priority and there would be no income limits. It could result in about an 800 percent increase in ESA money leaving the general fund and going to private schools to fund the expansion of ESAs.

4. “Save Our Schools” organized and got Proposition 305 on the ballot this November. It will give voters the final say regarding voucher expansion. Should we send more money to private schools or not? A “NO” vote on 305 will stop the expansion, but leave the current program in place.

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Source: Vote no on Proposition 305, Arizona Daily Sun, 9/30/2018

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