Calling on representatives to take action

I am calling on my representatives in Congress, Senators Martha McSally and Kyrsten Sinema, to take action against the unprecedented and dangerous situation we are in as a nation.

They are the voices of their constituents and we demand that something must happen and soon. Senator McConnell has once again blamed Democrats for Trump’s shutdown. Yet he ignores the fact that the Senate already passed a unanimous measure to fund the government. All it would take to end the shutdown is for Senator McConnell to allow a new vote on the same legislation.

And even more serious, Senate Minority Leader Schumer said he hadn’t even heard from the president since he walked out on negotiations a week ago in a huff. The majority of “We the People” do not want this wall, and we do not support that the wall fight warrants a government shutdown. Our citizens are suffering, our nation is suffering. Where are our leaders? “We the People” are ready for a call to action to do what is right for the greater good. Is our Congress ready to do what is right for the greater good? Is our current president ready to do what is right for the greater good? Please come together to solve this, we are all Americans.

ANNE HART from AZ Daily Sun January 24, 2019

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