Federal Action Alert – April 4, 2021

Produced by Democrats of the Red Rocks

For Senators Kelly and Sinema: 

Pure filibuster elimination/reform:  The Senate comes back in session this Monday.  Let our senators know what you want with the filibuster.  We literally can’t get anything of importance done without eliminating or reforming the filibuster!  

Sample voice mail or email FOR EITHER SENATOR:  “My name is XXXX and I live in XXXXX, Arizona.  All of the incredibly important work that you are promoting, including major voting rights protection bills, environmental legislation, and the Equality Act, will come to nothing, literally nothing, without modification of the filibuster.  I implore you to follow President Biden’s lead and vote to modify the filibuster instead of being the Democratic Congress that fails to deliver on its promises. This is the minimum your base of support requires.”

Sen. Sinema:  Call (202) 224-4521 (DC) or (602) 598-7327.  Email via her website at “http://www.sinema.senate.gov”  Tag the Senator at @senatorsinema,

Sen. Mark Kelly: Call (202) 224-2235 (DC),  Email via his website at http://www.kelly.senate.gov Tag the Senator at @senmarkkelly

For Representative O’Halleran: 

Environmentally related bills:  

HR 1512, the CLEAN Future Act. Sets an aggressive agenda for emissions reductions, move away from fossil fuels, investment in renewable energy industries, etc. Assigned to Energy & Commerce Committee, where O’Halleran is a member; ask him to SUPPORT and to CO-SPONSOR.

HR 2241, Civilian Climate Corps Act (Neguse, CO). Establish federally supported work program to address climate change mitigation and adaptation projects (including in agriculture). Assigned to several committees including Agriculture, where O’Halleran is a member; ask him to SUPPORT and to CO-SPONSOR.

Script: “My name is XXXX and I live in XXXXX, Arizona.  

I’m urging you to support and co-sponsor two very important environmentally related bills that you will be addressing in your committees in the next few weeks.  They are the HR 1512, the CLEAN Future Act that sets an aggressive agenda for emissions reductions and investment in renewable energy industries.  Also please support and co-sponsor HR2241, the Civilian Climate Change Corps Act which will employ thousands of people to work on climate change mitigation projects. 

Native American Justice and Environmental Issues: Save Oak Flat Act

Script:  “My name is XXX and I live in XXX, Arizona.  I’m strongly urging you to join Representatives Grijalva and Gallego in co-sponsoring the HR 1884, Save Oak Flat Act.   Oak Flat has been a sacred place for thousands of years for our Apache brothers and sisters. The Trump administration, in its last days, rammed through a massive land trade with Resolution Copper which would cleared the way for a huge mining operation. The Save Oak Flat Act would permanently reverse this land trade and protect the sacred rights of the Apache.   
Rep. O’Halleran: Call (202) 225-3361 or send an email via his website at http://www.ohalleran.house.gov

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