Letter to the editor: November results could improve state’s ranking

The state of Arizona was handed a dismal grade when it comes to raising families. WalletHub ranked the state 41st out of 50 in categories of Health & Safety, Education, Child Care, Affordability, Socioeconomics and Family Fun. The state ranked 48th in Health & Safety, Child Care and Socioeconomics. The state improved its rank with a 13th-best “Family Fun.”

This should be no surprise to anyone. If there’s one thing America’s ‘red states’ have in common is their Republican-controlled legislatures believe the highest priority for and the best use of tax revenues is corporate welfare, while greater investments in the categories mentioned above that serve the public good and actually support families are seen as “socialist.” Meanwhile, Arizona churns the mud as if this is where it wants to be.

We can begin to change this come November on the state and national level. We can vote out those who regard corporations and the NRA as their bosses, who have perpetuated policies that are anti-family, that have led to an open assault on public education and teachers, on healthcare, on reasonable gun laws, on a livable age, and on funding for agencies that support the less advantaged and the mentally ill. The status quo is not acceptable anymore.



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