Take Action: Healthcare Act on the Chopping Block Again

We did such a great job in January, February, and March blocking the ACA repeal that Republicans seem to be planning a sneak attack for next week. Their plan is to send a proposal to Congress this weekend and force a vote by mid-week in order to make this an “achievement” in Trump’s first 100 days in office. So, we don’t know yet what the plan is, but it’s going to be worse than the last proposal in an effort to get the self-styled “Freedom Caucus” on board.

Email and Call Senators McCain and Flake (Rs) and Congressman Tom O’Halleran. (The links provide you with complete contact information.)

Suggested language to Republicans: “Do not rush to approve a “repeal and replace” that has not been fully vetted by you, the General Accounting Office, or by us, the people. Please FIX the Affordable Care Act, do NOT replace it.”

Suggested language to Democrats: “Please hold firm in your support for the Affordable Care Act. Amending and fixing is appropriate – repealing and replacing is not.”

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