There Is Still Time To Return Your Early Ballot

The Coconino County Recorder’s Office reminds early voters that ballots you received by mail from them must be received back to the Recorder no later than 7:00 pm on Election Day, August 2.  The recommended deadline to mail your voted early ballot has passed.  Instead, early voters should drop their ballots off in person.

As of Tuesday, July 26, the Recorder’s Office has received 28% of the early ballots issued for the Primary Election.

Voted early ballots may be dropped off in one of the ballot-drop boxes or at any of the Early Voting sites located around the county. 

On Election Day, Tuesday, August 2, Coconino County the ballots you received by mail may also be returned at any Coconino County polling place or vote center between 6 am and 7 pm (local time).

Early voters need to remember to sign the outside of the return ballot envelope.  This is how election officials know it’s you! Yes, they actually match your handwriting to your voter registration. If the ballot envelope is not signed, the ballot will not be counted. 

Arizona state law requires the early ballot be returned by the voter, a family member, a household member, or a caregiver.  No other person may be in possession of another voter’s early ballot.    

For more information you should call the Recorder’s Office at 928-679-7860 or toll-free at 800-793-6181.

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