Vote to end dark money influence in Arizona

Voters in Arizona face a stark choice between candidates for Attorney General (AG). January Contreras is running against the sitting AG, Mark Brnovich. The starkest contrast is dark money.

What is Dark Money and why is it toxic to elections? Dark money comes through 501©(4) organizations that fund social causes that can be up to 50% political. By IRS ruling, 501©(4)’s do not have to name their donors. Ordinary donors like you and me must make our names public, but a rich donor can funnel hundreds of thousands of dollars through Dark Money Organizations with zero transparency. This money has a corrosive influence on elections through such things as negative television ads. We’ve all seen them. Because its toxic ads favor his party, AG Brnovich does not dare rule to eliminate dark money, even though it is in the best interest of Arizonans. He even traveled to California on AZ taxpayer money to fight a law that would expose Dark Money contributors.

January Contreras, by contrast, has been endorsed by End Citizens United, an organization committed to ending Dark Money’s corruption of AZ politics. I am sick of signing initiative after initiative for public schools, clean air and water, higher wages etc. But right now, it is the only voice we have left when dark money elects our officials. I want to know who is influencing the person I elect. Join me in voting for accountability and transparency. Vote for January Contreras.


Source: Vote to end dark money influence in Arizona, Arizona Daily Sun

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